Top 15 people who store stuff very very well, perfection for the eyes

People super strong in storage are not necessarily those with whom we want to spend our lives. However, they can bring us joy and comfort at times when they perform at their best.

1. A kitchen that is small in size but big in soul

2. An extraordinary musical organization

3. This bookshelf that doesn’t make you want to read a book at all because it would screw up the whole color code

4. A desk that makes you want to do your homework

5. The ordeal of cables that you never know what to do with

6. Want to marry me with this kitchen drawer

7. The neatest DIY corner in history

8. This garland storage just made me want to believe in Santa again.

9. It’s as beautiful as it is creepy

10. Want to do a big doodle in this workshop

11. The before/after is all the more OUF

12. There are some who get super crazy in the supermarkets

13. Earth’s Perimeter’s Most Emotional Garage

14. PLS puzzle fans in front of this fascinating storage

15. Passion balls of yarn

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