Top 15 people who do anything for a good Instagram photo

Among the worst influencers on Instagram, there are of course influencers who go overboard for the buzz, but also those who really nimp for a post. And it is true that it is difficult to believe it before having seen it. However, it would be a shame to miss these little nuggets. Ladies and gentlemen, the future of the planet!

1. What had to happen happened

2. Tourism goes too far…

3. Us leaving college

5. Death <<< a good photo

6. I didn’t even understand the concept

7. We wouldn’t say it’s well done, but…

8. This is why we always get our luggage late

9. These people should be banned

10. There are those who seek to cause death

11. Remember to wash your vegetables before cooking them

12. You better have your seatbelt on

13. That deserves a good honking

14. Mother Nature said no

15. All I want is to know the context of this photo

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