Top 15 people who call the police for anything and everything

It seems that the police have a sense of humour, but dialing 17 is still serious business. We don’t call because we’re bored, we don’t know how to cook pasta or we’ve lost our underwear. We call if there is a real problem. Apparently some people forgot about it…

1. After waiting 30 minutes for his pizza, he calls the police

Topito’s analysis : If he was really hungry we can understand. If he was only moderately hungry then it’s a yellow card. If he ordered a seafood pizza, it’s a red card.

2. A man calls the police to find his Nazi flag.

Topito’s analysis : That’s crazy, obviously when you’re a big neo-Nazi jerk, you do really stupid things.

3. Ariège: Irritated by a too noisy cricket, a resident of Foix calls the police

Topito’s analysis : You also say to yourself that it is surely another Parisian tourist rented?

4. Nantes: the arm stuck in the door of a car, the thief calls the police

Topito’s analysis : They left arm in arm to the police station.

5. Drunk, he calls the police to find his car where he stores drugs

Topito’s analysis : At the same time, if we can no longer count on the police, who can we count on now?

6. Germany: disappointed with his Christmas presents, a child calls the police

Topito’s analysis : Reminds me of a certain boy in a certain saga with a certain bespectacled wizard…

7. Stuck in a cocaine container in the heat wave, they call the police

Topito’s analysis : Cocaine –> Overconfidence –> Jail. We’ve all been there (no).

8. Bretagne: She called the police because her weed was stolen

Topito’s analysis : “Gngngngngn you stole my drugs. kind of victim goes. (Sorry I stayed in the cocaine mood of the previous point, it makes me bitter).

9. She doesn’t wait for her boyfriend for an aperitif, he calls the police

Topito’s analysis : The aperitif being sacred, this decision seems quite proportionate, but he would have done better to call the fire brigade because they have water for the pastis.

10. Australia: his father burns his cannabis plants, he calls the police

Topito’s analysis : Once again, it was the fire brigade that had to be called. They don’t understand people or what?

11. Toulouse: the “customers” he approaches reject him: the dealer calls the police to complain

Topito’s analysis : Another one who confused the police with his daronne.

12. Germany: chased by a baby squirrel, he calls the police

Topito’s analysis : How not to have charisma, lesson n°1. Next lesson: “Crying when you go to get vaccinated. »

13. American arrested for calling police too many times asking to put Joe Biden in jail

Topito’s analysis : There are people who have a lot of time to waste, and as it is thanks to them that our tops of miscellaneous facts are well filled, I thank them warmly.

14. She calls the police because the confinement prevents her from seeing her lover

Topito’s analysis : She could have done like everyone else and sneaked out at night. Yes we all did.

15. Limoges: their 15-year-old refuses to clear the table, the parents call the police

Topito’s analysis : This allows me to subtly refer you to the top of the parents without authority, so that you will not have wasted your day.

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