Top 15 people who are really bad at history (and it’s still hot)

We’re sure you’re all very cultured and that you did well in our History quiz, so you’re going to enjoy this top. Because today, we’re going to show you some fanatics who, unfortunately, skipped history lessons at school a little too much. As a result, they tend to say bigger nonsense when they try to talk about historical dates or events. It’s sad, but it’s also funny. It’s drastic. Or sad. Like you want.

1. Severe but fair

“Why do women train to have visible abs? It’s because they want to look like men. Honestly, it’s vulgar. Lips, breasts and hips. Men are simple, we want the classic beauty of an hourglass-shaped female form. Never in history have men wanted women with abs. »

” Hi. I am a historian. I can easily tell you that never in history have women wanted you. »

2. We placed you tell them

“Dear atheists: how come the cavemen survived the asteroid but the dinosaurs didn’t? »

“- The trick was to keep your distance from the dinosaurs, like 65 million years. »

3. She believed there were good Nazis and bad Nazis

“You always judge the Nazis as ‘assholes’. My grandfather, grandmother, their family and friends were all involved in the Nazi Party. They’re also the nicest, most wonderful people I’ve ever known, but you judge them on generalizations. »

“I would like to introduce them to my great-grandparents, but they were gassed in a concentration camp. But yes I’m sure they are wonderful. »

4. History is quite logical after all

People say “yeah well what did people do when there was no vaccine, no antibiotics or vaccination? as if it were an argument for being natural. They are dead, Carole. Many people died. »

5. We still haven’t invented the time machine

_ Burning down an American city will not bring back George Floyd

_ Bombing the Middle East will not undo 9/11

6. Another one who didn’t understand Darwin

“If masks were necessary for the survival of our species, we would have evolved accordingly since. But we didn’t. We have noses and mouths. We have airways. It’s not natural for people to live with a mask on their face. And government propaganda isn’t going to change that.

_ Dude, you wear shoes, don’t you? »

7. Really phew this Confederate flag

“The irony is telling people ‘go back to your country’ by flying the flag of a country that doesn’t exist, in the country that defeated it. »

8. No, but he really skipped school?

“Why are the World Wars called ‘world’ wars when it was just a bunch of white countries fighting over who was going to have control and fuck the rest of the world? Why is everything white suddenly going global? »

” Oh yeah. The world wars were white. Remember white countries like Japan, China, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Iraq, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, and Ethiopia. So white. »

9. Fact: This person is stupid

Fact: it was the whites who abolished slavery. How come we never hear about it? »

_ Who else would have abolished it? The slaves ?

10. He’s not an expert, that’s for sure

_ Listen, I’m not an expert in international conflicts, but I’m pretty sure that posting memes is not the way to go when you are invaded.

_ The fact that you call these political cartoons “memes” really shows that you did not take history very seriously in college.

11. He did so much worse in the book.

_ COVID is a man-made chemical weapon because God would never create a deadly disease that harms people.

_ Tell me that you have never read the Bible without telling me that you have never read the Bible

12. Can other countries sing the Marseillaise please?

_ Do people who don’t live in the United States celebrate Independence Day? »

– Why would they? Do you celebrate the October Revolution yourself?

– No, what is that?

13. No, the walls don’t work and Berlin is the ultimate proof of that.

“At the Berlin Wall last week. The walls work. »

14. 99% sure he confused him with Da Vinci right away

“Picasso died in 1973…no one told me, I thought the guy lived in 1500”

15. Fun fact: 100% of people who worship Nazis are big assholes

“You can’t be a Nazi and an American patriot at the same time. We literally went to war for that. The whole world was involved. »

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