Top 15 people we were in love with when we were young, and we don’t understand why

Do you remember the time when we loved the worst characters in series or films? When we were kids, we all had crushes on stars, footballers or overly beautiful cartoon characters. With hindsight, we wonder how we could have been in love with all these ugly and super poorly haired losers.

1. Troy Bolton dans “High School Musical”

In High School Musical, Zac Efron played Troy Bolton: the high school hottie and captain of the basketball team. A Disney Channel revelation and product of the 2000s, Zac Efron was a teen idol when he was 20 years old. Today, when we re-watch the trilogy, it is difficult to understand the euphoria of the time.

2. Edward Cullen in “Twilight”

Since the dawn of time and still today, there are two teams when it comes to Twilight : the Edward team and the Jacob team. In truth, neither of them was that handsome and when we rewatch the movies, it’s hard to understand why we were so crazy about Robert Pattinson with white powder on our faces.

3. Michelle in “Skins”

Michelle was the pretty girl from the first season of Skins. Finally, she was pretty for a teenager of 16 years and even more when compared to her friends but in truth, she was nothing special. In fact, there were equally pretty girls in your college, but that was the cool thing about Skins: the actors were teenagers like the others.

4. Mael in “LOL”

Maël in “LOL” is the crush of people who were entering 5th grade in 2009 and had just watched their first teen movie. By re-watching the series, we say to ourselves that there was really a problem with hairstyles in the 2000s.

Mael lol

5. Justin Bieber at 15

How can we top our childhood sweethearts without mentioning 2010s heartthrob Justin Bieber. It was he who imposed the wick as a hairstyle of reference for 5 years and we blame him a little for that.

6. Penny dans “The Big Bang Theory”

The actress who plays Penny in The Big Bang Theory is very pretty and we see it from the beginning of the series but there is a real problem of style in the first seasons. The series came out in 2007 and it shows in Penny’s hairstyle and clothes, cover that filthy top that I can’t see.

7. Pedro and Jero dance “One, two, three”

The best Spanish series of the 2000s is obviously One two Three. By re-looking at the faces of the characters, we realize that we always find the girls just as beautiful while the boys are really unspeakably ugly. Roberto is the only one who remains handsome in my eyes, but the problem is that most teenagers were in love with Pedro the badger. Worse still, there was also Jero the not handsome.

8. Lucas in “The Scott Brothers”

In truth, I still find Lucas Scott cute but it is true that we idolized him with all our soul when we were 14 years old. If he stopped frowning and squinting while playing, he would still look less stupid.

9. Daphne in “Scooby-Doo”

In Scooby-Doo, Vera was the smart girl and Daphne was the pretty one (because it is well known, a woman cannot have several qualities). After re-watching, Daphne is not that pretty. In fact, she’s really nothing special.

10. Spike in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

What about Spike except that he is the perfect example to illustrate this top? His hairstyle is terrible, he has a razor hole in his eyebrow and flirtatious looks to puke but EVERYONE was in love with him. It’s crazy though.

11. Yoann Gourcuff

In schools in 2008, all the girls were in love with Yoann Gourcuff, it was obvious. After some research, I can assure you that it is very beautiful now but it was not so much the case 15 years ago.

12. Rachel in “Friends”

So I’ll stop you right now, Rachel is gorgeous. The reverse would have been complicated since Jennifer Aniston is so beautiful that it is impossible to make her ugly. On the other hand, Rachel’s character is unbearable (less than Ross’s of course, but still) and we didn’t necessarily realize that when we were younger.

13. Robert Chase dans Dr House

If you watched Dr House, you must have fallen in love with one of the characters. There was House, Cameron, Number 13 and Aussie hunk Robert Chase. When we re-look at his face in the first seasons, we realize that he was looking for himself capillary speaking but we forgive him.

Chase dr house

14. Damon in “Vampire Diaries”

All fans of Vampire Diaries were in love with Damon and when you watch the show today, you wonder why. So yes, it’s true that he is far from being ugly, but the mysterious and super dark guy’s number only worked in the 2000s.

Damon vampire diaries

15. Nani de “Lilo et Stitch”

Lilo’s big sister in lilo and stitch was a topic of conversation in the playground: who had a crush on this girl as a child? With hindsight, Nani was a teenager like the others and she was also much too sexualized (it’s a fucking cartoon).

Lilo stitch nani

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