Top 15 of Vinted’s worst dodgers, episode 17

Ehhhhhh hello to all my little wooden hangers! It’s almost Christmas so I decided, in my extreme kindness, to offer you your present in advance: a good salvo of big suckers on Vinted. Yeah, I know, it’s the most beautiful present you’ve ever received, but what do you want, we’re like that at Topito, we give, we give without counting. So will our November Vinties do better than the funny people on Vinted or the a little too uptight people on Vinted? Answer right away!

1. Franck Dubosc mends broken hearts

3. We didn’t really want to know

4. Rat technique to make lots of money: resell found objects

5. It’s over now

7. When you don’t even recognize your own daughter

8. We doubt the involvement of the shoe in this story anyway

11. At least we know this person doesn’t take their phone to the toilet

12. Sores, all the same

13. He’s not afraid to go back to the zone

15. He doesn’t validate the sleeveless vest with fringes

16. Can we be more specific please?

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