Top 15 of the worst moments of embarrassment in TV games, thank you MalaiseTV

TV games are an inexhaustible source of discomfort. Their candidates are always crazy that plunge us into a state close to brain death. These are the kinds of scenes that we have compiled for you here, but be very careful when watching them because you could very well come out traumatized. We don’t know if we should thank you, MalaiseTV.

1. This guy who has a bit of a problem with people who aren’t from around here

The guy let it go without pressure. The atmosphere will be weird when he will meet his neighbors on his way home.



3. This candidate who didn’t listen well during history class

The answer is already super awkward, but Nagui can’t help but add a layer of it by humiliating the guy (who had a priori just misunderstood the question). Ah, sacred Nagui, the host who plays a role because in real life he is not nice.

4. This overexcited woman in Don’t Forget the Lyrics

She probably makes her son laugh, but she made us regret coming out of our mother’s comfortable womb.

5. These Welcome Home candidates who also think they’re ninjas

The Japanese will appreciate.

6. Stéphane Plaza who talks about leu-leu in Chasseurs d’Apparts

Well then Stéphane, what got into you?

7. This candidate who confused the Queens of Shopping with a lap dance

The theme was “stylish with a ponytail”, FYI. We can say it, it is relatively missed.

8. Question candidates for a champion who struggle to find Booba

The poor, we can’t even blame them, it’s not at all their delirium. The question is above all WHY we asked them this question?

9. This woman who cried out in Four Weddings for a Honeymoon

Like that. Out of nowhere. Totally off topic. Ugh this space sickness.

10. Julie from Koh-Lanta who launched into a farewell song

Look how the other candidates look like they want to shoot themselves. They are on the verge of giving up the game to return home.

11. Not you again Julie, please. Stopped.

We think of his family who has to live with this on a daily basis.

12. This crappy cover of Sapés like never before in Don’t forget the lyrics

A carnage. No more no less.

13. This guy who missed the lens

In this show, contestants are supposed to meet and kiss within seconds. The girl had allowed him to kiss her, and he left in a rotten hug. It’s hot.

14. This imitator who will probably not have a career after his time in La France has an incredible talent

An incredible discomfort yeah.

15. The Z’amours honey pipe

A very chic moment for an equally chic show.

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