Top 15 of the funniest tweets about baccalaureate results, congratulations (or not)!

It’s today, finally, that’s it! The wait is over, the baccalaureate results are available. If you missed it or your child missed it, you can always cheer yourself up by reading funny tweets about the results. Even if a good dose of laughter is less useful than a diploma, it still feels good.

1. “Thank you to all my fans!”

2. Better that than the other way around

3. Mais noooooon (si)

4. Is it really a compliment?

5. We’ve all been through it, it’s your turn

6. You feel old when you don’t know what Cyclades is

7. So we will very quickly go down a tone

9. Life is an eternal restart

10. Oral teachers are really the worst

11. It’s going to pass quietly

12. Express Return Home

14. It’s always the same since CP

15. It’s mean and it’s not true but it’s still funny

And if you like the pearls of the tray, we are always there to serve you a good shot until you choke. Have fun !

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