Top 15 of the best valves of Pierre Thevenoux, a funny man

You have probably already seen at least one sketch by Pierre Thevenoux: at the Montreux Comedy Festival, at the Jamel Comedy Club, on Kyan Khojandi’s show Soixante, or even… on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower (yes, he has also played there!), the class.

In short, you will understand, all this proves that Pierre Thevenoux is full of talent. In addition to that, you can also find a new video on stage, improv or news, almost every week on his Youtube channel.

So with so much content, we struggled to choose only a few, but here are our 15 favorite valves from Pierre Thevenoux, which you can find on web 2.0 (because in real life there are also plenty of others in his show, so take your place just here to see it for real)

1. If there are some who don’t really know where they are in terms of money, I have a little technique to measure: in your home, the more functions a room has, the poorer you are.

2. And conversely, the fewer functions a room has, the more shielded you are. I have a friend in Paris, the guy, he has an entrance. It’s just for getting in. It’s a decompression chamber to prepare you to take the wealth in your mouth!

3. I spent 10 years being the only bachelor in my group of friends. In other words the shit of the group […] Example, like you’re renting a vacation home with friends, all the fucking couples: double bed, sheets. You: sofa, duvet.

4. Socially it’s not accepted to be single. I remember, I had won on the radio, 2 tickets to go to Disneyland, and this stupid host, he said to me: “Who are you going to go with?” “Uh… is it possible to go there twice alone?”

5. I have friends who tell me: “You’re obsessed, it’s not just sex in life!” Well I don’t have access, you’re funny. You’re not going to see a guy in Sudan who breaks the slab to tell him: “It’s not just food in life!”

6. A Ryanair plane is a Lidl with wings.

7. Religion is like the bank, you take your parents’ bank.

8. My dad is Catholic, but it didn’t work out with me, I don’t believe in God. I go to church when I’m in trouble for candles, but that’s it.

9. Money is important. There are always people who say: “Frankly the money is not important”. It’s people who have money who say that. Because in fact, if you have no money at all, well after a while, you die.

10. Self-development, yoga, mediation…it’s stuff for white people who think they have problems, and to fix them, you have to go barefoot.

11. It’s true that I’m not well known. I am not famous, but I know famous people. I am case contact what.

12. The average lifespan in Game of Thrones is 15-20 minutes. When you’re an actor in this series you’re under stress, you see that it releases a lot. The “starting pot” budget is revered my guy!

13. No one is ready for war in France. If, for example, you’re one of the people who say “I can only poop at home”, you’re not ready!

14. Me sometimes, I dream that I lose my teeth. So I bought a book of meanings of dreams. It means you’re afraid of losing something precious. Bah yes, my fucking teeth!

15. It’s armored, thanks for coming. Thanks for the money.

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