Top 15 of the best tweets on red flags, the things to really avoid

Originally, we talk about “red flag” to describe the attitudes that are toxic in a relationship but obviously, the inhabitants of Twitter like to divert the concepts to talk about everything that bothers them. So here are all the little “red flags” of everyday life for you, those that must be avoided at all costs.

1. Want to have all the matching tableware

2. It was starting to take up space

3. They don’t think there’s a problem?

4. The dream according to me

5. They don’t know emails these people

6. Don’t even come near me

7. *Sound of vomit*

8. I don’t even want to talk to you if you put unsalted butter in your sandwiches

9. The story at a nightclub is no

10. Nobody ever said that

11. They are frankly phew

12. Total infidelity

13. There are really toxic people

14. So yes but no

15. Run Away, Really

And you, what are your daily mini red flags?

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