Top 15 of the best tweets on philosophy, do you also think so you are?

Whether you read Descartes morning, noon and night or barely remember your high school lessons, philosophy is present in your daily life without you even realizing it. If you ever wrote an inspirational quote under your Facebook photo in your youth, it might have been a quote from Cicero.

1. What a funny time

2. Modern day philosopher

3. The real poor

4. Clever but not too much

5. The shrink who takes a little too much confidence

6. Oh yeah it’s not terrible

7. Sartre has guts

9. Like it’s useless

10. No Limits Guy

11. A beautiful life lesson

13. Anyone would freak out

14. Good for her face

15. Always sounding interesting Descartes

If you don’t know anything about philosophy, you should have thought about it before clicking on the top.

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