Top 15 of the best tweets from @marechalboulon, we want more

Hello little friends and welcome to Topito, a site for sarouel wearers who love to share tweets that denounce while being very funny. Today, we welcome on the site the good @marechalboulon who offers us parent AND teacher anecdotes, everything we love.

1. Never be afraid of inconsistency

3. Yet he said there was room

4. Looks like the Adibou interface, so many memories

5. Want to make a business out of it

6. They get started really early

7. It’s cute yet “my balls”

8. What a fucking genius… we feel the kid who will work miracles

9. Tribute to all the warriors who got spawn-killed

11. He deserves all our admiration

12. They will always amaze us

13. There’s an investigation to be done

14. We laughed and then we cried

15. Want to go for a picnic

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