Top 15 of the best tweets from @KeetPotato, the funny Brit

Hi little friends, it’s time for the top twittos and as we know you like to laugh (you wouldn’t be here otherwise, you’d surely be crying in the shower thinking back to all those stupid moments in your life ), we selected the best funny tweets from @KeetPotato, a funny guy as hell.

1. The cows are surprisingly calm considering the ground around them is chow

2. IOS 15 allows you to change your keyboard to dolphin language and I can no longer remove it

3. Me: Why would I eat here?

Chef: My restaurant received a Michelin star

Me: Who is that?

Chef: They’re the ones who make the tires

4. Prince Charles’ fingers look like the ones I drew in middle school

5. Do you want me to go out to dinner? This is what killed Jesus I remind you

6. Brand: ONE PER DAY / Directions: Take two per day

7. Am I the only one who wants to take my arms out when I go to bed?

8. I think back to the guy who bought my toaster on Facebook and showed up with a slice of bread to check it was working.

9. Do you know what type of screwdriver I should use for the bottom screw? I have one for the top but the other is not diagonal

10. Do you know simple questions with impossible answers? Example: What does Coke taste like?

11. Only one supplement allowed, which one do you take? / $100 bills

12. Me at 13 when I was asked to do the laundry / American white daronnes when asked to put on a mask in a store

= Completely freaking out

13. New Covid Variant Omicron XE detected / This one has an even better camera

14. Do masks really protect against Covid? / Not by wearing them like that no

15. When the slide rules say “1m20 maximum” but you go anyway

We’re having a good time anyway. ‘Finally, I’m having a good time anyway, I don’t know about you, but I imagine your hilarious little faces.

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