Top 15 of the best tweets from @CodeineFridge, it’s a joke about the little hassles of everyday life

Hi little friends, it’s time for the top twittos to have a good laugh. If you like fun bars and slices of life, you’ve come to the right place! Tell us in the comments the tweet that made you laugh the most to try to gain your weight in country ham.

1. We agree that there was a rumor about the white lady who haunts one of the toilets in all elementary schools?

2. People who use their passport to get into clubs really aren’t afraid of anything.

3. The plants are really in “I don’t really like this soil” mode and decide to die

4. Harry Potter really fought with Voldemort in jeans, it’s phew I would have gone to change in his place

5. The cows are really calm since their entire floor is food.

6. The magic bus could be up your ass and you wouldn’t even know it

7. It’s obligatory to say “rho shut up” before showing ads on YouTube

8. It must be terrifying to be a baby, imagine you fall asleep in your bed and when you wake up you’re at Auchan

9. I love it when my washing machine freaks out in the middle of the rinse cycle, go ahead buddy release your emotions

10. If you start choking don’t call me for help because I won’t be able to type “Heimlich maneuver” fast enough on YouTube to save you

11. Sometimes I want to answer “ANSWER ME!!!” but that’s not how you communicate with people

12. I realize you’re super weak because I’ve never broken a bone, you really have a cardboard skeleton

13. I’m not feeling well today, you can send cute pictures of your double-sided credit cards please

14. If I saw that fat bastard from ET on my bike with my sweatshirt I would run over him with my car.

15. I checked my bank account and no, no fraud, it’s all my fault

And you, what are the daily hassles that make you want to set fire to an entire city?

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