Top 15 of the best tweets about the pill, this contraceptive from hell

Being a woman is generally not always a cakewalk, but when you add contraception, it’s immediately hell. Fortunately, there are people to laugh about it on Twitter, it relaxes the atmosphere.


2. Oh great, they put all the contraceptives together

3. Frankly, life is too fun

4. The sheet is so big you can make a cover out of it.

5. The method is devilishly effective

6. It happens to even the best

7. The tubes are tied directly

8. You’ll have to learn to keep your mouth shut

9. Better use of the meme

10. The idea of ​​the pill is like “you don’t want kids? fine, take some depression instead”

11. Nobody’s on the pill this month, we need more Scorpion!

12. When your pill falls on the floor:

13. When I take my pill after spending 2 hours with my sister’s 4 children

14. Super effective, bravo

There you go, what a boring life all the same…

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