Top 15 of the best tweets about the end of classes, all at the cantoche

The studies, from college to high school, may be a period full of good times (especially when you had 17 in music for your performance of “Heureux qui comme Ulysse” on the flute), when the time comes for the final exams year or the dissertation, we still pull the face a little. So while waiting for this irrevocable sentence, you might as well focus on the little joys of everyday life, like the sound of the bell announcing the end of class. A sound that flows like honey to the ear.

1. We almost paid to see this

2. We see you

4. Everything for participation

5. Take a doliprane and it will be better

6. “Damn, I forgot!”

8. Anxiety rises just by reading these words

9. Sacred period than the end of the year

10. Usain Bolt can’t test them

11. It deserves hours of glue

12. With their 10 kilo schoolbags there

14. You don’t even deserve to get gifts at Christmas, hear me out

15. Faster than Buzz Lightyear

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