Top 15 of the best tweets about printers, these instruments of the devil

Printers started disappearing from homes not too long ago because frankly, it was only used to print out Vinted packing slips. And then there was the Covid and we all bought a printer so as not to have to write the exit certificates by hand. We took it badly, we all regret this purchase today.

1. Really bad luck

3. Better than cereal box CDs

4. It really throws

5. And a barrack in the south, can we?

6. At the same time it’s a bit funny

7. These people don’t want to fulfill their dreams.

8. The classic

9. Save more ink

10. A new thing to add to the CV

11. She also abuses

12. No, I will not help you update your phone

14. We were completely lost

15. Has anyone seen this film?

And you, do you prefer the front or the back?

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