Top 15 of the best tweets about pesto, the sauce of the Gods

Do you prefer classic pesto or pesto rosso? And rather Barilla or Barilla (it’s the only acceptable brand, don’t lie). Pesto is the best ready-made sauce to put in pasta, we could eat it every day and we are not the only ones.

1. You pesto ET you Chablis ???

2. All at once

3. We will give him all this happiness

4. The best sauce in the world

5. There is still time to change

6. What a great story, this pesto delirium

7. How can you be proud to waste money?

8. A beautiful first name

9. I have a little water but it is no longer very hot

10. And they’re always super happy to post it

11. That Would Be Crazy

12. But obviously you have to put both!

Glory to the pesto, thank you for everything.

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