Top 15 of the best illustrations of Insert Brain Here, absurd humor as we like

Hello my little carps. Do you like drawings? Do you like bubbles? Do you like Instagram? Do you like tuna juice? This person’s work should appeal to you. We immediately recommend that you subscribe to” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>insertbrainherecomic in order to live better, even more or less as before.

1. No arms, no hugs

– Look, I know I haven’t always been a very good father, but you can’t blame me for never hugging you.

2. Galloping gallop

“Wait a second, isn’t that Billy the Kid’s horse?”

3. Serious lack of lucidity

– How are you sick? You are a virus Jennifer.

4. Where did the human warmth go?

– I don’t like this kind of cold phone call…

5. This is not a comic

– Don’t worry Derek, it’s just a pipe dream.

6. The difficult life of mimes

– Stewart, Stewart ! T’as coupé ton micro !

7. Effectively

“How dare you dump me on my birthday?” You have no heart.

8. Amour incandescent

– Marry marry me, you are the light of my life!

9. A beautiful friendship forged

After years of living together, Maureen and Pamela’s cycles have synced up.

10. Daisies Horror Movie

“He loves me, a little, a lot, madly…”

11. The height

– We saw each other a few times but she started ghosting me.

12. When you can’t fall for him anymore

– You died for me Alan.

13. An AA guy avoid

– Oh no not Frank, this guy is too negative.

14. Clash of Generations

– Daddyyyy!

15. In a parallel universe

– Dinner is ready !

– Mamaaaan knock before entering!

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