Top 15 objects that are not suitable for tall people

We’ve told you a thousand times about the daily struggles when you’re left-handed, but believe me, there are always much worse than us. The life of left-handers, next to that of tall people, is la vida loca. DisneyLand. Paradise on Earth. Do you imagine, you, evolving on a land where absolutely NOTHING is thought for you? Nothing at all ! Hello suffering, actually.

1. Door Dials

A standard door is on average 2 meters long. Those over 2 meters (yes, there are) are therefore forced to bend each time the room is changed. Really practical to run to the toilet in case of pressing desire!

2. Maids rooms in Paris

The steps of the 6 floors to climb are too small for their size 48 feet, the “studio” is shorter than them in length, and if they are really unlucky: they are under the roof and have to stand bent in 90% of the flat. 10% of 10m² doesn’t do much to stand straight.

3. The interior of most cars

The advantage is that they can drive with their knees. Do not hesitate to take an option “sunroof” to be able to put your head and drive in a comfortable position, with a privileged view of the road (don’t really do that, it’s dangerous. You could catch a hell of a throat infection! ).

4. The height of the shower heads

I’m not talking about the “rain shower” (although very tall people have their heads in it, which isn’t the most practical), but shower heads fitted with a wall attachment (it’s often the case in bathtubs, for example). Well, this thing supposed to replace the rain shower turns into a “navel shower” for the giants. Tiresome.

5. The height of kitchen hoods

Cooking blind is not the most recommended. Related to the fact that fire burns. That hot oil, it burns. That boiling water is boiling. All that, what.

6. …And sinks, hobs, worktops…

If cooking blind isn’t super safe, cooking bent over isn’t ultra-pleasant either. Ever tried to cut carrots on a knee-high table? Try it, let me know!

7. Mirrors in public restrooms

Very practical to check that our shirt is properly buttoned. Much less to check our face. Bop, in any case… At 2 meters above the ground, there aren’t many people throwing eye contact at us.

8. Seats in cinemas, planes, buses,…

Unless you like having your knees tucked into your chest, of course.

9. ATMs

…. The picture speaks for itself, I think…

10. TPEs on McDonald’s terminals

See the point on ticket machines. Who is the fool who decreed that TPEs would always be 1 meter above the ground???

11. Clothes

Love this little costume! It’s a shame that the pants come above my calves and the jacket stops at my elbows…

12. The open-top fitting rooms

Inevitably, if your head protrudes, the “privacy” box (which is still somewhat the basis of the cabins) is damn questionable.

13. Beds

Of course, I’m not talking about your king size or your custom-made box spring! I’m talking about all the standard beds you can find in your furnished apartment, the sofa bed at your friend’s house, dormitory beds in youth hostels,… Their specificity? The fact that your legs protrude several tens of centimeters each time, hihi. The French federation of free toes supports this point.

14. Tents

This time, we are faced with an invention tested and approved by the French federation of liberated calves. And wow… It’s beautiful. It moves us a little, this image of legs in perfect harmony with nature, which come out of the tent as if to refuse this society which requires us to cover ourselves to sleep, and which are one with the wet grass. It’s almost poetic, isn’t it?

Shutterstock 505432870

“Do we pretend it’s raining?” »

15. Bathtubs

Too relaxing to curl up all over the place trying to fit at least one out of two legs into the bath. What a moment of relaxation and letting go.

16. Bonus: hugs and other hugs

I’m not going to draw you a picture, you’ve understood the concept: bending over backwards for every daily act and gesture, even the most tender, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass (even those in size 54), in the end! Keep hugging and build me a proper doorknob, please.

Calin grand

Seems that life gives its toughest fights to its strongest soldiers. Well done guys, you really have to be brave to pay for such a big shitty life. Respect.

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