Top 15 movies where the good guy loses in the end, it’s not fair but it’s good

Come on, fed up with seeing films where AS BY CHANCE the good guys win in the end because everything is beautiful, everything is pretty. We’re going to show you films where the good guys take a lot of money because that’s what real life really is. Attention, it’s going to be severe spoiler.

1. Memento

Leonard Shelby, who has little problems with his immediate memory, is desperately looking for his wife’s killer. At the end of the film, Teddy tells him that he has already found and killed the assassin, but Léonard bumps into him and forgets everything, once again. Before looking again for the murderer of his wife. Sacred galley.


2. The Green Line

John Caffey was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of two young girls. John Caffey was innocent. John Caffey was still executed. And we all blubbered.

La ligne verte

3. Old Boy

Oh Dae-su was hypnotized into falling in love with his own daughter and having sex with her. Then he cut his tongue and had his memory erased to forget this revelation. It sucks. Well ok, we end with a superb smile from Oh Dae-su, but we know very well that he took a lot of money in this story.

Old boy 2

4. Se7en

Detective David Mills has lost everything: his pregnant wife, his job, and his sanity. The guy was taken in beauty by John Doe who pushed him to give in to anger and kill him. Suddenly, even his revenge is messed up. Really, Mills has lost everything.


5. Claws of Night

A horror movie classic: when the good guys think they’ve finally gotten rid of the big bad, the big bad comes back and kills someone. This time, the big bad guy is Freddy, and the poor victim is Nancy’s mom. Sorry guys.

Les griffes de la nuit

6. The Mist

In The Mist, the mist hides killer monsters, so when David Drayton, his son and three other survivors find themselves in their broken down car in the middle of the fog, they know they are going to die. Fortunately, there are 4 bullets left in David’s gun, who kills the 4 other passengers in the car to prevent them from suffering, before going out to let himself be killed by the monsters. Very bad timing, since the mist dissipates and the army arrives to save everyone. David killed his kid and his companions for nothing. Bad luck.

The mist

7. Usual Suspects

Agent Dave Kujan was fooled from start to finish by the suspect he had on hand who told him big lies for more than 1h30. In addition, the suspect did not sprain since his mythos were inspired by what was hanging on the wall in front of him. Kujan obviously realizes this too late. He stinks of defeat.

Usual suspects

8. The Cabin in the Woods

The horrific scenario to appease the “Elders” has failed. Suddenly, the Ancients will destroy the Earth. The good guys were, no matter what, doomed from the start of the film: either they were sacrificed to save the world, or the world was destroyed, with them in it. It’s not cool for them, but what do you want, we didn’t write the screenplay.

Cabin in the woods

9. The Empire Strikes Back

Ok, the saga ends in joy, but episode V ends in a very bad way: Luke had his mimine cut off by dad, Han Solo was frozen in carbonite, so Leia lost her Dude, she’s been chased by bad guys, and C3P0 is just a pile of junk. The Empire has counter-attacked well.

Empire strikes back

10. Tomb of the Fireflies

At the same time, when it’s war, there are always very few winners. And there, little Setsuko, she clearly didn’t win. Neither does the big brother. It calms.

Tombeau des lucioles

11. Shutter Island

DiCaprio loses the little treasure hunt his psychologists had prepared for him, and all he wins is a lobotomy offered by the house. A mighty consolation prize.

Shutter island

12. Titanic

It’s always DiCaprio who loses in the end, taking a good bath this time.


13. Don’t Look Up

Come on, it’s really because we like it when things end badly for DiCaprio. But for once, it ends badly for everyone, so it’s more fun.

Dont look up

14. Buried

Conroy is locked in a coffin. He only has a few minutes left to live, but he is told that someone is coming to save him. Problem: help arrived at the wrong place. Bye bye Conroy.


15. OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa

Pierre Niney. A crocodile. Pierre Niney in the crocodile. This is the end of the moral guarantee of the film.


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