Top 15 Most Embarrassing Wedding Guests in History, Worst of Worst

When you get married, the most important thing is not the cake, or the dress, or even the little bouquet of flowers hanging on the hood of the car. No, the most important thing is to choose the right wedding guests. Because if there’s one thing that can ruin your marriage, it’s a drunken uncle who vomits on the DJ, a witness who bargains dirty all your cousins ​​or a grandmother who spends the evening criticizing the color of your dress. Or all of these at once. To support our remarks a little more, we asked you on Facebook the worst things your wedding guests had done. And apparently, you too have dragged some hell of a ball.

1. Cathia’s Totally Lost Guest:

“Making the wrong marriage, the gentleman noticed when the mayor said our names”

The opinion of the editor : Maybe he had come to oppose this union and when he heard that Cathia’s middle name was “Gérarde” he changed his mind.

2. Julie’s Unconscious Guest:

“The granny who has a vagal discomfort in the middle of a meal and her white head that falls on the plate. I thought she was dead.”

The opinion of the editor : They never know how to choose a good moment to make these old pranks.

3. Camille’s comfortable guest

“Show up at a wedding of people you don’t know, drink the cocktail, eat petit fours, and leave before they kick you out”

The opinion of the editor : He enjoyed the real advantages of marriage (food and alcohol) without the disadvantages (having to talk to people). A champion.

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4. Laurent’s guest photographer:

“Photographer, I had the guy who always stood next to me. “That way, I have the same photos as you! “I made him understand that for the group photo, it was better to be inside than next to me on the balcony”

The opinion of the editor : He didn’t have the right SLRs.

5. Amélie’s freezing guest:

“My ex left me after my brother’s wedding ceremony. Double Emotional Elevator »

The opinion of the editor : Weddings are like childbirth, don’t see those of others otherwise we don’t want it to happen to us anymore.

6. The guest who will no longer be Amandine’s guest:

“Picking the ballot box with envelopes. »

The opinion of the editor : Better to steal the urn at a wedding than at a funeral.

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7. Kathy’s Veiled Guest:

“At my wedding a guest came all dressed in white with a little Bibi with a veil on her head (bridal outfit)”

The opinion of the editor : Ok she’s a bitch, but thanks to her we learned that we could say “Bibi with a veil” and that’s a real plus in our life.

8. Aly’s greedy guest

“At mine (the first) she stuck her tongue down my husband’s throat. Wedding at 11:30. Gosier at 5:30 p.m. Joy! »

The opinion of the editor : 5:31 p.m., fight. 5:32 p.m., divorced.

9. Priska’s overly dressed guest

“My mother’s witness came dressed in her wedding dress! »

The opinion of the editor : At the same time it’s a shame to only use her dress once. She was in an eco-friendly approach finally, we must congratulate her.

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10. Kathy’s Normal Guest:

“On my wedding day, my uncle was completely drunk, lying in the grass and when I went to see him to ask him if I was okay, he asked me who I was”

The opinion of the editor : Wait, isn’t a wedding always supposed to happen like this??

11. Xavier’s matched guest:

“The photographer matched the bride’s grandmother on Tinder! »

The opinion of the editor : You could say he…FLASHED on her……. (sorry)

12. Arnaud’s uninspired guest:

“Throwing up IN my guestbook. »

The opinion of the editor : He had probably just read an old quote written by uncle of the type: “To love is not to look at each other, it is to look together in the same direction. » That kind of stuff always makes you sick.

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13. Aurélie’s jealous guest:

“A poor girl who threw a fit on her boyfriend, my husband’s witness, so that they too got married”

The opinion of the editor : Ah, love, the real, the natural, it’s so moving. It makes us want to throw ourselves into a jet engine.

14. Flora’s annoying guest:

“French-Lebanese wedding: The mother of the bride (French) who says during her speech that she did not expect her daughter to marry a foreigner…”

The opinion of the editor : Do not hesitate to continue with a small Fall down the shirt to warm up the atmosphere a little after a racist speech.

15. Anais’ tired guest:

“My father who fell asleep and snored like a locomotive in the church at my brother’s wedding”

The opinion of the editor : At the same time after a while all marriages are alike. We understand the poor.

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