Top 15+ Gifts for Parents Who Have Teenagers

Because being a teenager is certainly not easy, but we do not give enough credit to the parents of these teenagers who support them. These surviving parents of many crises and confusions, hold on, it’s almost over, it doesn’t last a lifetime. In the meantime, we’ve unearthed a few items, to keep you going for a few more years and believe us, there are a few items you won’t be able to do without.

Prix : from 24.95 at L’Avant Gardiste

Testicules anti stress

Just to calm your nerves since your patient is being tested.

Prix : from 9.99 at Maestro Gift

Journal seum saccager

To be able to express all your rage after your teenager has freaked you out. To let off steam once.

Prix : from 268.88 at Amazon

Selection bose 1

To stop hearing him argue with you.

Prix : from 11.6 at Menkind

Une shopping prison shopping

So that your teenager disconnects a little.

Prix : from 8.13 at Absolutely Design

Bouton non

Because you spend your time saying it, maybe it will be clearer that way.

Prix : from 11.59 chez Halleyham

Drapeau blanc paix

Sometimes peace is necessary and your teenager needs to understand that you are coming to talk in peace. The white flag will therefore be useful to express your intentions.

Prix : from 22 chez

Livre crise ado

To finally understand what is happening to him, even if you have been there.

Prix : from 11.84 check Etsy

Mug types mal cranes

Because it’s not easy to manage a teenager and sometimes it hurts the head, much more than a simple migraine.

Prix : from 8.54 check Etsy

Affiche definition exacte ado

Because a teenager knows everything, is an expert multitasker, plays video games (clichés like this top) and rolls his eyes in the air whenever a teenager says something.

Prix : from 30.58 check Etsy

T shirt parents survivent crises ado

Yes, you are survivors.

Prix : from 22.95 at Amazon

Mug larmes mon adolescente

Because it sucks at home.

Prix : from 8.95 at Amazon

Menottes anti textos

Since your teenager, like all teenagers, is addicted to his smartphone, it has become an extension of his hand, it’s time to stop the massacre: hop the handcuffs, no more texting. Well we don’t hide it from you, it’s not super legal and in addition he can continue to scroll on tiktok.

Prix : from 8.5 at Amazon

Eponge fun 1

Washing up is usually boring but with the “fun sponge” it might make your teenagers want to do the dishes.

Prix : from 6.35 check Etsy

Sticker voiture peur adolescentes

Because nothing scares you anymore now that you have 2 teenagers at home.

Prix : from 6.5 at Amazon

Kit protection darons genants

For teens who want to be dropped off “just before college” so they won’t be seen with their parents, here is this revolutionary kit that will allow you to hide from your children’s friends. Obviously it’s the shame of being brought to the checkout by his parents in front of his friends. Bunch of ingrates.

Prix : from 9.03 check Etsy

Pancarte attention chambre ado

Because you have to be careful where you step, it’s a minefield.

Prix : from 12.88 at AliExpress

Cri shouting vase

Sometimes misunderstanding is there but you can no longer scream like a 5 year old child. Thanks to this vase you can unload your anger discreetly.

We are not going to lie to each other, we also say courage to teenagers because parents you are sometimes (often) very reluctant.

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