Top 15 Funny Internet Explorer Death Memes And Tweets, Farewell

It’s official, Internet Explorer is definitely dead and we had to pay tribute to him in one way or another. We will always have many memories with Internet Explorer and it will always remain in our hearts. But we are still happy that he emerges.

1. Time to go / Let’s go / Internet Explorer not responding

2. Thanks for exploring everything

3. Microsoft is removing Internet Explorer after 27 years / You were the best Chrome downloader in the world

5. Who are we? : Navigators / What do we want? : A quick connection! / And when do we want it? : Navigators!

6. Have I been a good navigator? / I was told that you are the best for downloading other browsers

7. If Internet Explorer is daring enough to ask you to be your default browser, you are daring enough to ask this girl out on a date.”

8. Internet Explorer, We Won’t Miss You / Error Message

9. No, Microsoft, stop…

10. It’s time to go / Looks like he’s already dead / Have I been…

11. Who has Mozilla frankly?

12. Me: haven’t used Internet Explorer since I was 10 / Also me:

13. Internet Explorer will be closed in June after 27 years / Looks like it’s a bit buggy, I clicked “close” 26 years ago

14. Do you prefer Internet Explorer or Kurt Cobain?

15. Chrome Users: Yeah, It’s Sad / Anyway

Hi buddy ! *Tears of Michel Drucker*

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