Top 15 funniest tweets about cocktails, this summer fun

There is a way to assess the rate of wealth of a person: observe if he orders cocktails when he is in a bar. Anyone with enough money to afford two or three glasses of mojito is officially considered extremely bourgeois. The others are content with beer, wine, or, even less expensive, pastis. This top is dedicated to the richest among you.

1. This anecdote most likely took place in Paris

2. Like all people who possess a soul

3. Just mix some random stuff

4. More and more millennials are smart

5. Memory of confinement

6. And still 9 euros is when it’s cheap

8. Always weirder their names

9. A story we can’t wait to savor on screens

10. Little misunderstanding that could have gone wrong

11. Only boomers say mogeito

“She pronounced mojito with the ‘J’ and I knew there would be no second date”

12. When Instragam stopped working

13. The Hangover Rule

14. Monacos should be avoided, even more in Monaco

15. The only cocktail for which we are ready to drop a third of the SMIC

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