Top 15 funniest Pride placards

Last weekend there was the Pride March and thousands of people marched all over France. Everyone had a good time and we could see beautiful signs with really good messages. We fight for human rights but that doesn’t stop us from messing around a bit.

1. We know it gets really bad when even a straight white guy is on the March

2. If God hates us, why are we so cute?

3. I’m not with them!

Sign in the background that says “gay sex is a sin”

4. I am the oldest gay in the whole village

5. A new day to be exceptional

(rough translation, we do what we can)

6. People who don’t know each other can get married after 5 minutes on TV being paid for it and I can’t marry my soul mate

7. The only thing that can get me confused is math

8. Jesus had two dads and he turned out very well

9. Homosexuality is like glitter, it never goes away

10. I never said that!



11. It pansexualizes like crazy

Pancarte manif 3

12. More love, less Zemmour

Pancarte manif 2

13. The good Theo who recalls the basic principles

Pancarte manif

14. Antoine Daniel, again and again

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15. Heartstopper forever

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[Insérer ici un slogan cocasse et cinglant qui aurait fait une superbe pancarte]

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