Top 15 Funniest Neighborhood Vandalism These People Are Inventive

Graffiti on pubs, jokes in shops and even honest people rising up against oppression with permanent markers: can we really call it vandalism if it’s funny AND it helps people ? You have five hours.

1. Graffiti is a crime (funny)

2. These toilets are currently unusable, please use / the children’s ball pit (Ronald’s secret garden)

3. Applaud for bacon

4. You deserve a much better breakfast/than this

5. Who you gonna call ? Goats Butter !

6. Don’t play dice with squirrels. They cheat!

7. An anti-abortion poster reads: Now I can go to college and fulfill my dreams.

8. To anyone who puts little plastic eyes all over offices, please stop.

9. Go ahead, park like jerks, I have a surprise for your backup camera

10. Vandalism! No problem, I adapt!

11. Someone keeps painting a pig’s head and tail on my neighbor’s water tank and he keeps painting over it. I hope it will never end.

12. The city says it will take at least 7 years to make a bike path so we chalked one up to show how easy it is.

13. This year, thousands of men will die because of their stubbornness / No, it’s not true!

14. Jesus ou l’enfer (hell) / (hell)o Kitty

15. This pun is really untranslatable, so it’s a bonus point for bilinguals

Send us the silly and funny stuff that your neighbors write near you, we want to laugh please.

Via BoredPanda

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