Top 15 disguise ideas that are really too scary

There you go, Day of the Dead is tomorrow, and you may not have found the perfect Halloween costume yet, so we’re going to fix that. And when I say we’re going to fix it, we’re not going to pretend. I invite you to discover the disguises that are REALLY scary, those that will make beads of sweat on the foreheads of your friends. With that, you should make an impression.

1. Disguised as a parent disappointed by your life choices

Just frown and say something like “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed” or “But what are you going to do with your life now?” » It’s frightening.

Meme 8 parents potes

2. A labor inspector disguise

Warning: only works if your friends are bosses. But who wants to have friends who are bosses?

Parents quel x es tu inspecteur

3. A buddy disguise asking for your help moving house

“But don’t worry there will be lukewarm beers and old frozen pizza to thank you”

Topito vs potes demenagement

4. A disguise of overpayment to be reimbursed to CAF

It always hurts the ass.

Topito rp caf angele 1

5. A Morandini disguise that asks you for pictures of you touching yourself 50 times “for fun”

He’s already freaking me out when I’m not even a minor.

6. A disguise of Elise Lucet who comes to interview you

You may think you didn’t do anything wrong, but she has 142 screenshots of your messages to prove you wrong.

Topito vs vertical elise lucet

7. A disguise of Cyril Hanouna who became President of the Republic

Next to that, Conjuring would pass for a children’s movie.

Parents mosaiques peuradulte

8. A negative bank account balance disguise

A big “-€198” red that smells good of agios and the end of the month eating pasta.

Shopping legendes compte banque jcvd 2

9. A couple costume that announces that they are having a child

They launch “Oh well, we’ll definitely come a little less in the evening, or else we’ll come with the little one…” It sucks.

Topito infographies diagrammes rentree scolaire

10. A message disguise that says “we need to talk”

Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine.

Topito infographies diagrammes rupture bouffe 3

11. A Macron disguise announcing the return of compulsory mask wearing

Afterwards, a plain Macron disguise would have worked.

Slider macron treve2

12. A disguise of a Pôle Emploi adviser who offers you jobs that have nothing to do with your field

A Pôle Emploi adviser like the others, what.

Topito mosaique legendes science fiction

13. A woman’s disguise that says she’s endearing

And that she is “cash”, “painting nature” or “big mouth”.

Clip tinder manip 3

14. A Family WhatsApp Chat Disguise

With siblings sending lots of pictures of their babies when you didn’t ask.

Topito vs vertical textos parents 2

15. A Network Outage Disguise

Zero bars on your phone and someone telling you “It will do you good to get off TikTok for a few hours”.

Topito legende conv groupe reseau

Please tell me your creepy costume ideas, and don’t hesitate to show off your failed costumes, I love it.

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