Top 15 different types of breakups, a top to send to your ex

Ruptures are like sauces for pasta: there are several types. Ok, I’m very bad at making comparisons, but very good at relationships (I’ve already kissed my dog), so I’m going to explain all the types of breakups that exist. Get ready to relive highlights from your own personal story. Feel free to tag your ex in the comments, especially if he or she left with your 4K TV.

1. The one where we stay friends

And where we meet again to play petanque, drink tea or smoke crack.

2. The one where we meet again just for ken

There’s no sentiment involved, but we can still check in on mom because we still have a lot of respect for each other.

Topito texte sexe 2

3. The one where we hate each other

In this dirty break, we tear each other apart and take back the gifts we had given each other. Even dummies. Just for principle.

4. The one where we ghost ourselves as if we had never known each other

As if we had never experienced anything together. Like we haven’t slept in the same bed for years. As if we had never gone to see Welcome to the Ch’tis preview together.

Topito infographies diagrammes rupture bouffe

5. The one where we didn’t really warn each other

We stopped seeing each other overnight and we met again at Fnac six months later, a DVD of Patrick Bruel’s last live in hand.

6. The one where we have to see each other every week to pass on the kids

We hate each other, but we make a good figure for the well-being of little Timéo, already very disturbed by the divorce (he regularly wears his underpants on his head).

Topito legende raconter rupture

7. The one where there is only one he knows he broke up but not the other

This breakup is too embarrassing. Even more embarrassing than a live performance by Patrick Bruel.

8. The one where we break up and get back together every 5 days

It’s boring for all your friends but you love drama too much to stop this infernal and toxic cycle.

Meme voiture bob boo

9. The one that isn’t really over and leads to a reunion two months later

And after that it lasts for life. Or just a few more months.

10. The one that starts with a “break”

A ““““break”””” with lots of quotes because we all know that your relationship will never recover. Especially since she already loves another. His name is Patrick and he plays music.

Topito rp macron pecho

11. The one where one of the two cheated on the other

We realize this by searching the phone of the other and discovering text messages from a certain Patrick who sends little red hearts and gives appointments on the Place des grands hommes.

12. The one that happened at the worst time

In the 3rd Goudurix loop, during a CRS charge or at your great-uncle’s funeral.

Topito rp passer devant ex 2

13. The one that is done in front of the altar

Under the dumbfounded gaze of the priest who will eventually release a “Anyway, I didn’t really believe in those two, did I, Jéjé? » (turning to Jesus).

14. The Breakup That Changes Nothing

You continue to live together, you sleep together and you are together all the time, but when you are asked, you are separated.

Topito legende ton ex amour 1

15. The one that didn’t really happen because you thought you weren’t really in a relationship

We still know that you cry alone at night so don’t be smart either.

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