Top 15 commercials that children of the 2000s knew by heart

If you were a kid in the 2000s and a teenager in the 2010s, there are ads you couldn’t miss because they were playing all the time and the songs were going through your head. It’s because of those commercials that we absolutely wanted ALL the toys from the 2000s for Christmas and that we had tantrums at the supermarket so that our parents would buy the packet of cereal with the toy in it.

1. Les Petits Filous Tub’s: “We are tubes, we are not jars”

The Fridge Soldiers ad is probably the best known for kids of this generation; everyone remembers the Petits Filous Tub’s. Plus, it was one of the best snacks of the 2000s.

2. Breeze: “I’m going to poop at Paul’s!”

This ad is funny, it gets into your head and you remember it years later. On the other hand, we had completely forgotten the mark… which proves that they missed their shot.

3. Honey Pops: “It’s bzbzbzbz”

If you didn’t know the onomatopoeic song of Miel Pops, your childhood must have been very sad. It was stupid and it meant nothing but we sang it in the playground for hours.

4. Monster Munch: “Better catch ’em all!”

The Monster Munch commercial is probably one of the most poorly acted commercials in the universe and yet it was a hit. We still remember the rotten dialogues and the forced laughter of the brats.

5. Lion Cereals: “Welcome to the top of the food chain”

There were far too many versions of Lion cereal ads, but we never got tired of this roar that scared the open space away. We were happy with not much, however…

6. Vivelle Dop: “Concrete fixing”

Who has never tried to crack the wall of the primary school with their Vivelle Dop gel? We dreamed of having a crest that lasted all day and strong enough spikes to open a safe like in the pub.

7. Cicciobello Bobo: “Ah that’s it, I cured you!”

The Cicciobello was the doll that cost an arm and that we dreamed of having because it had so many features. The commercial was on repeat at Christmas time and the nasal voice haunted our thoughts all day.

8. Elefun: “It’s windy with his trunk!”

Elefun is the toy that no one has ever played but all the children knew the ad by heart. The song is simple, it goes into your head and we sang it in unison when the advertisement passed between the cartoons.

9. Actimel: “The Actimel team helps your natural defenses”

The company that sold Actimel surely chose to put its money in communication rather than in the product. Let’s be honest: the Actimel, it’s really not good but their pubs were incredible.

10. P’tit Yoko: “His little heart, that’s the best”

Here is a disappeared product that we miss, the yogurt in the form of mousse from P’tit Yoko. They did dozens of commercials but the best was the one with the Yeti who becomes nice when he eats a P’tit Yoko.

11. Twix: “Left Twix and Right Twix”

Absurd or offbeat ads don’t always work, but Twix tried its luck with its ad on Twix left and Twix right. It was completely stupid but it made us laugh.

12. Pancakes Wow! : “A good dose of Whaou!”

Wow ads! 2000s were less good than those of the 90s but there is still one that we will never forget: the rock band of the giraffe Whaou.

13. Dodocalin: “Come here, my friend, you are my Dodocalin”

This ad is bound to bring back some very distant memories. A cuddly toy in which you can sleep was the idea of ​​the century so when you associate it with a too cute ad with a super silly song, it’s a hit.

14. Yop: “Just because it’s good doesn’t mean it’s yours”

Do you remember the insufferable teenager from the Yop ad? We wanted to slap him very hard and tell him to find a job to pay for his Yop himself. Ungrateful brat.

15. Coco Pops: “Jungle chocolate puffed rice”

The cereal ads understood that kids liked ads when they looked like cartoons and while the ads for Chocapic were great, the ones for Coco Pops were better.

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