Top 15 clubs that have never been relegated

There are some and others, some struggle to stay in Ligue 1, or even in Ligue 2 (hello Bordeaux), when others have only known the elite in their history. Yes, some do not know the defeat, and here is who they are, we present to you the bosses of the game.

1. Real Madrid (but we could have guessed it)

Why not start this top with the reigning European champion club? Real, since 1929 has never descended from the Spanish first division. If in addition we briefly mention the club’s record, we realize Real’s hegemony in Spain and Europe (and that’s a bit freaking out).

2. FC Barcelona (not surprising either)

But Real’s main opponent, Barça, is not left out either. Since 1929 (so like Real), the Catalans have only known the elite. They don’t have to be ashamed of their track record either, even if it is a little less provided than that of Real, there are still 26 victories in the Spanish Championship, 5 Champions Leagues or 31 Spanish Cups , it’s not bad.

3. L’Inter Milan

Another juggernaut, Italian this time, Inter Milan have been among the top Italian clubs for 93 years. Rival of Juve, which experienced a slight descent into hell during the Calciopoli affair with its descent into series B, Inter Milan only experienced series A. 19 times Italian champions and 3 times winner of the Champions League, that’s understandable.

4. Les Boca Juniors

A mythical Argentinian club, Boca Juniors lives up to its reputation as the country’s leader. Remember that Boca Juniors is the 5th club that has won the most international titles, 34 Argentine championships but also 6 Copa Libertadores. Voili voilou, either we are part of the elite or we are not part of it.

5. Le Bayern de Munich

You have understood correctly, I think, that we are talking about all the European giants, at the same time it is normal to have never been relegated you still have to be someone. And it’s true that when we think of Bayern, we think for example of little Gerd Muller and his 570 goals or his 6 Champions Leagues, we say to ourselves that it’s a bit normal that Bayern is so dominated in the Bundesliga .

6. PSG (unlike OM oupsi)

We will perhaps irritate some of them (I don’t know why I say “perhaps” it’s sure in fact)… But let’s put it in terms: PSG have never won the Champions League. On the other hand, he was never relegated, and that not everyone can say the same (I say that, I say nothing).

7. In Portugal we find Benfica…

Benfica is one of the oldest clubs in Portugal. Created in 1904, the club has never known the second division, which in 118 years is still remarkable. Benfica was even a founding member of the National League in 1934 with the other two main Portuguese clubs, Porto and Sporting Portugal. As long as founding a Professional League, why leave it? It makes sense after all.

8. …or Encore Porto

Same thing for Porto, like Benfica, Porto is part of the great Portuguese trio also called “Os três” Porto has also participated in all editions of the Portuguese championship, winning it 30 times. Not a bad track record too.

9. The mythical club of Santos

Like Boca Juniors, Santos is an emblematic club in South America. Santos is still the club that counted Pelé in its ranks, or more recently Neymar. With 8 national championships and three Copa Libertadores, since 1912, the club has never descended to the second division.

10. Or celui de Flamengo

The same (or almost) for Flamengo, the second legendary Brazilian club. The Rubo-Negro (red and black in Portuguese) is part of the top 10 of the FIFA ranking of the greatest clubs in the world of the 20th century. The Rio giant has won two Copa Libertadores, and 7 Brazilian championships, and of course has never known anything other than the first division.

12. L’Olympiakos

The football club also nicknamed Thrylos meaning “legend” in Greek is the most important club in the country. 47 times champions of Greece, we understand why they have never descended lower than the first division.

13. Le Panathinaikos

Founded in 1908, Panathinaikos is another major club in Greece. The club from the capital, 20 times champions of Greece, is on the heels (a little) of Olympiakos and does not have to be ashamed of its national record.

14. L’Ajax Amsterdam

Created in 1900, Ajax have therefore been at the highest Dutch level for a very long time. At the international level, Ajax also has a little say knowing that the club is part of the very closed group of 5 clubs which have won at least once each of the European championships (Champions League, UEFA Cup and European Cup). cuts).

630px 1971 champions league final ajax panathinaikos
Credits photo (Creative Commons) : National Archives, The Hague, National Photo Archive: Photo collection Algemeen Nederlands Fotopersbureau (ANEFO), 1945-1989 – black and white negative strips, access number, component number 924-6096

15. And finally the Feyenoord

And to finish on another legendary Dutch club, we must obviously talk about Feyenoord. 15 Dutch league titles and 13 Dutch cups, the club also managed to win the UEFA Cup twice. Another one who is part of the elite and who has never left it.

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