Top 15 children who are really super well dressed for Halloween

If there’s a good reason to celebrate Halloween, it’s to dress up your children. Some, however, are not afraid to go far, very far, too far to have the best disguises that scare and we prove it to you in a very illustrative way below.

2. I don’t know what it is but I find it tasty

3. Hope they remembered the misspelled first name

5. Who will play the Thing?

6. From youth to old age there is only one step

7. But put that back in the sewer

8. Half-nice half-a little rotten anyway

9. An investment that pays off

10. She wanted to dress up as Transformer

12. Crocs finally have a real use

13. Let me get on this ship

14. Successful reconstruction of Mommy I missed the plane

15. AAAAAAAH the nightmare

16. Give him the palm

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