Top 15 characters from our childhood who have already done it, we are not fooled

When we come back to certain cartoon characters from our childhood with our adult eyes, certain things jump out at us, things that the Bible and morality condemn. And that is precisely the topic of today’s top: which characters from our childhood have objectively already done it together. If you want to keep an innocent appreciation of some of your heroes then leave immediately, because we will clearly break your vision of the world with this exclusive information which however deserves to be revealed.

1. Minus and Cortex giving “Minus and Cortex”

They live together in the same cage, objectively piss each other off all day, and clearly have no particular business other than coming up with plans to rule the world and failing each other miserably every time. The rest of the time what do they do? I’ll let you guess but that hamster wheel in the corner of the cage has already turned a lot if you know what I mean.

2. Ash and Ondine in “Pokémon”

It’s going all over the country getting busted by Charizards, it’s camping in the wild and you’re going to make me believe that these two have never eaten the forbidden fruit? It is clearly obliged, and I can tell you that this old pervert of Pierre was not bored to put down like a large pig during this time.

3. April and the turtles in “Ninja Turtle”

She hangs out with four shady guys in the sewers all the time and helps them fight crime and over the years there’s bound to be a crush on at least one of the four brothers. No certainty on which of the four but I think it’s Leonardo, they are both far too complicit.

4. Krilin and Yamcha in “Dragon Ball Z”

Always stuffed those together and I can assure you that’s no way to put it. Maybe if Krillin didn’t spend his time lovingly watching Yamcha during battles, we wouldn’t have had to resurrect him 160 times.

5. Bob and Patrick in “SpongeBob SquarePants”

A sponge has lots of holes, a starfish has (at least) five tips… You see where I’m coming from? The two zigotos didn’t wait to test more or less disgusting stuff and still it’s nothing compared to the delirious theories on SpongeBob SquarePants.

6. Fred and Daphne in “Scooby-Doo”

It’s no secret they’re beautiful, always together, like each other a lot more than they should, share a sometimes awkward connection, and can’t stop feeling each other’s ass. Yes, I’m talking about Sammy and his dog Scooby-doo, but it’s also true for Fred and Daphne who clearly spend their lives plastering each other.

7. All X-Men in X-Men

They are all beautiful, muscular and have powers that allow certain sexual fantasies and we would like to believe that there has never been a single orgy among the X-Men? Let’s be serious for five minutes, why do you think Cyclops hides his eyes all the time? You would do the same if you had seen Le Fauve and Mystique in full swing.

8. Professor Valérie Bille-en-Tête and the bus in “The Magic Bus”

She lives alone in a bus that can turn into a mixer, a submarine and just about anything you can imagine and you honestly believe that Professor Bille-in-Tête never tried to turn it into sex toy? To others.

9. The Smurfs (all) in “The Smurfs”

If they didn’t have sex they wouldn’t need pants, it’s as simple as that. As for the famous question of “who fucks with whom?” » I let you be the judge, but I can only tell you that at certain times of the day the Shy Smurf is very badly named.

10. Babar and his subjects in “Babar”

There are two things you don’t want to know about Babar: how he got elected king and what he’s up to with his trunk. In any case I can tell you that during the evenings in the kingdom of elephants we do not just eat fruit.

11. Mickey and Goofy in “The Scrooge Gang”

Why is Pluto a “real” dog who behaves like a normal dog when Goofy is also a dog and talks? Maybe because after seeing what happened between Mickey and Goofy, Pluto really doesn’t feel like talking at all anymore.

12. Tom and Jerry in “Tom and Jerry”

Frankly, if you don’t understand that the relationship of these two characters is a sadomasochistic role-playing game that they lead throughout their lives, I can’t do much for you. A toxic and violent relationship, but who are we to judge.

13. The Teletubbies in “The Teletubbies”

We are still talking about four extraterrestrials constantly on drugs in a huge garden who do not shake anything during their day. Finally when I say “who don’t jerk off anything”… Way of speaking. From what I’ve seen I can tell you that it’s not just their antennae that have a different shape.

14. Oui Oui and his car in “Oui Oui”

You just have to listen to the credits: “Yes, go Yes-Yes, with your beautiful taxi” to understand that the two have a special relationship. Between the one whose nose blushes when he’s happy and the other who honks with pleasure, it’s hard to guess who is emptying whom.

15. Les Totally Spies dans “Totally Spies”

They are constantly dressed in leather jumpsuits, do improbable acrobatics and have a whole bunch of wacky gadgets. If you find that this phrase lends itself equally well to Totally Spies that to certain hostesses of the salon of eroticism you begin to understand what happens when they are not on a mission.

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