Top 15 Cartoons Mixed With Famous Horror Movies, by Daniel Björk

It’s nice cartoons, but sometimes it’s a little ass-ass praline. Fortunately, Daniel Björk, aka” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”> on Instagram had the warm idea of ​​crossing them with equally cult horror films and the mixture gives illustrations as monstrous as they are comical.

1. Toy Story Evil Dead

It looks like a kamoulox.” target=”_blank”>Toy story

2. Freddy the claws of the night as a guest of the Griffins

It’s immediately much more scary.

3. Esmeralda in the grip of a chainsaw massacre

Quasimodo’s revenge isn’t very cool.” target=”_blank”>Bossu

4. “Bad Taste” vs. Winnie The Pooh

Peter Jackson’s first film was a pretty creepy little horror film in which aliens bring their boulard back to a small New Zealand village to make human meat part of their intergalactic fast food.” target=”_blank”>Winnie

5. When Stephen King met the Aristocats

Dare to tell me that you have never read Simetierre ?” target=”_blank”>Aristochats

6. Friends VS. Tales from the Crypt

Finally this series looks cool.” target=”_blank”>Friends

7. The Little Mermaid in Beetlejuice mode

Not the coolest Ariel to see, but hey, I’m not judging.” target=”_blank”>Beetlejuice

8. Gargamel lost in Alien

You won’t look at the Smurfs the same way again.” target=”_blank”>Schtroumphf

9. Tom victims of Jerryjigsaw

Ah bah yeah, we may be a cat we laugh less now.” target=”_blank”>Saw

10. Bugs Bunny in the Cannibal Holocaust universe

No animals were harmed during the making of this illustration (unlike the film)” target=”_blank”>Cannibal

11. Leg-eating Mickey

The sharp-toothed mouse.” target=”_blank”>Jaw

12. Hallowend mood

Is it normal that it makes me hungry?” target=”_blank”>Halloween

13. Beauty with Vomiting Wood

Not all forced kisses are good to take.” target=”_blank”>Exorciste

14. The Lion King Sect

For those who have seen the awesome Midsommar, this image is sure to chill your blood.” target=”_blank”>Ori lion

15. Peter panpan

Don’t be seduced by its pixie dust.” target=”_blank”>Scream

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