Top 15 best tweets from @Sick_Sad_Me_

Hi little friends, it’s time to unplug your brain to laugh for 5 minutes at little jokes from twittos. Today, Sick Sad Me is in the spotlight and has been making us laugh for years. Between sarcastic puns and rotten puns, there is something for everyone.

1. Ensile the slices of cheese as if you had a train to catch

2. A super nice incense

3. They haven’t known what to say for three years

4. It’s true that it throws

5. We love these frustrating proposals

6. Yuca, the partner of our junk food evenings

7. Too much screen time

8. Want to Know

9. Didn’t understand the rules, those

10. Doing nothing is my favorite activity

11. The third explanation is the best

12. Be zen guys

13. I think he has to answer “I don’t know” otherwise he’s lying

14. No it’s nonsense

15. This shit is so disgusting

That was super funny, we can move on now and go back to our sad lives. See you next week.

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