Top 15 best tweets from Luch, someone to follow

Hi little friends, it’s time for the top tweets and the wonderful person @luctvt gives us the great pleasure of sharing his best tweets. Get ready to laugh out loud (you can do a tutorial to open your throat if you don’t know how) and slap your thighs. Beautiful day !

1. People are drunk with unconsciousness

2. She frankly abuses

3. A bit like the testicle in the pâté

4. Hard to get better

5. They act like it’s not them

6. On the other hand, we always say “Shut up”

7. The curse has struck

8. Too lucky, I only have 48 hours

9. I couldn’t have stopped my giggles for him

10. On y va au bluff

11. Still better than Nutella

12. Lose Night

13. Can’t go back to PCR testing now

14. Funny story anyway

15. We all think the same thing

Thank you dear twittos for this entertaining content. Thank you subscribers for reading this top. Thanks to my mother for giving me life.

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