Top 15 best tweets from @LolitaAnt, a funny person

Hey buddies, I hope you’ve had a good week and that you’re enjoying the weather that takes us every day from June to February. To take your mind off all the hassles of everyday life, there are the top tweets and that’s good, those of @LolitaFourmi are funny as hell. Enjoy reading and see you soon !

1. We haven’t seen any yet

2. Our best acting performances

3. You have to be a little more curious too

4. When it happens to you, you find yourself in the family space where there is not even a tablet

5. Different priorities

6. It works every time

7. Do not be surprised to be jostled afterwards…

8. I never noticed, it doesn’t make sense

9. We didn’t cut it

11. It really should be banned

12. Relevant question I think

13. Sardines either to my knowledge

14. Nice the thief, it avoids losing the advance

15. You have to be a little careful

It’s over, there’s nothing left to see. Check back next week if you want more funny tweets.

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