Top 15 Best Last Place Comics Illustrations, Trash Humor

Dear friends (we’re friends eh?), I feel that you need a little boost this morning (I saw your face, and it’s not folichon). So here, for your well-being, some comics of Last Place Comics. If you like absurd humor, vulgo jokes and gratuitous violence, then you’ll love it. If you don’t, you’re going to have a really bad time and an even worse day.

1. The weird option

“I can’t go on like this anymore, James. Sometimes I feel like you act like a video game character and only choose the weirdest options to see what happens.

_ Not at all / I’m sorry / Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss your own ass?

2. The perfect hairstyle

_ This shine, this bounce… My hair is perfect today

_ It’s perfect… Not a single misplaced wick. You did it. I reached peak form. I rise now, beyond space and time. Thanks, human.

_ Don’t stare like that.

3. The slippery pickle

_ This pickle is too slippery! Woooow

_ Has this ever happened to you too? Too slippery pickle? Stopped in time by an omniscient narrator? Stuck in personal hell? Unable to scream?

4. The Fucking Rock

*Rock of the fuck*

_ Oh you have come at the right time! I just finished polishing it. It’s all yours now!

5. Where are we going?

_ Where are we going baby?

_ Hey hey hey! You will see !

*Crush Point*

*Kiss area*

*Difficult conversation passage about what we want to get out of this relationship*

6. The long eyebrow

_ Wow, that’s a long eyebrow!

_ Finally we meet, eyebrow straight. I knew this day was coming. I won’t hold back. Do not disappoint me.

_ Meeeeerde

7. The Harmless Fly

Here is the harmless hoverfly. By pretending to be a wasp, it protects itself from predators…


_ Ok everyone, let’s separate and find this wasp.

8. The suspicious guy in the raincoat

_ Hello, I would like to buy these…

_ Wait a minute… AHA! You are not a man! You’re just a bunch of cells hidden under a raincoat!

_ Oh no, he unmasked us.


9. YouTube thumbnail header

“I’m sorry ma’am. The diagnosis is as follows: your husband has a YouTube Thumbnail Head.

_ It will be fine, honey. I will love you no matter what.


*divorce lawyers*

10. Human Adoption

_ Oh I love your human!

_ Thank you, it had been abandoned!

_ Hi ! I lost control of my life

_ Oh dear, is that normal?

_ Stop reading disputes on the Internet! You contradict yourself!

_ Do not write to your ex at 3am!

_ This way, look, a like! You love likes!

11. So Stylish

_ Yeah, I want to quit smoking, but it makes me look so cool…

_ Wow he looks so cool.

12. New Dance

_ Come on let’s move our legs people! You’re all going to do this new dance! One step to the left! One step to the left! A step to the left, then a step to the left!

_ Please, stop going to the left! You will crush us all!

_ A step to the left…

13. Password Required

*Password required*

*Password: silly*

*I’m kidding, it’s on your other arm*

*Oh shit… it won’t stop! I really tattooed that?!*

*My god, I really screwed up! Oh shit, damn…”

15. Tall Like This

_ Hey mom, I love you so big aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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