Top 15 Best Funny Cheddarbacon Illustrations That’s Just Plain Truth

Hi my little Pom’Potes caps, tell me, I was wondering: do you also happen to look in the mirror and wonder if it’s really you who are hiding behind this petrified face? facial expressions that only reflect the emptiness of your soul drowned in the ineptitude of your existence? Well I don’t really have an answer, but I found a cool illustrator that I highly recommend you follow” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>cheddarbaconstudios it will allow you to delay your existential crisis for a few minutes.

1. “It’s bleeding because you’re not flossing enough.”

2. The object of all our suffering

“Why are you causing so many deaths?! That’s enough, this mass killing has lasted too long, take this!

4. How to awaken a demon?

5. The eye of Sauron sees you

6. The Truth About Night With Cats

8. The lie we’ve all told at least once

– Hey, are you coming to the party? – No, I already have something

9. Bloody Hyper Meta

“Oh I bit my tongue”

“I want to suck the sa-”

11. Inside Inspector Harry’s Heart

“Go ahead, make my day better, sir.

– You are a person who matters.

12. Fucking koalas

– Look mom, have you seen the koala?

13. Motivation Hunt

“You won’t escape me this time.

…crippling depression…

15. Ultimate Chip Packet Anxiety

It enlarged my spleen.

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