Top 14 weird things produced by famous brands

It’s not because we are a famous brand that we don’t have the opportunity to do anything sometimes, as evidenced by these brands that have made translation errors. Today, we are looking at the weirdest products branded by certain brands and whose connection with sauerkraut is difficult to grasp. See instead.

1. An Ikea bucket hat to feel cool without being cool at all

2. Lego shoes to fit in in all circumstances

3. A Ferrari hair dryer for speed lovers

4. Louis Vuitton fire extinguishers to put out the fire in style

5. Diesel-free Volkswagen sausages

6. A Doritos soap to never feel really clean

7. This dark story of Colgate Beef Lasagna

8. Porshe paperclips to look rich even in her paper filings

9. A Crayola calculator that takes up a lot of space

10. Mixed Twix to better withstand global warming

11. A shower gel to smell the Big Mac

12. Samsung clothes to dress like a phone

13. A very practical pencil sharpener to carry Mitsubishi

14. An Audi steering wheel-shaped dog toy for the wow-wow engine fans

15. Bic perfumes

And on this subject, I obviously refer you to the worst brand marketing fails of which this funny story is a part.


Source : Boredpanda

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