Top 14 signs that you are watching too much reality TV

20 years ago we despised reality TV. Today she has completely returned to her morals. Can we really rejoice in this development? I put judgment aside here. On the other hand, it must be recognized that reality TV fans sometimes go too far in their love of the program and it begins to show through in everyday life. If you recognize yourself in several of these points, it’s because, that’s it, you’ve been contaminated by acute reality TV. We lost you…

1. You know all the confusion between each participant by heart and you have a very clear opinion on each of them

You know exactly how many times Kevin and Carla broke up, and even worse how many times Kevin cheated on Carla. And even worse, you no longer know your multiplication table of 7 which has been replaced by this first-rate information.


2. You can no longer speak without pronouncing the “d” with the sound “j” and the “t” with the sound “ch”

That dji koi the tcheam in factch?

3. You complain all day long “that you are disrespected too much”

Just because you were asked to do things for your job, for example. Like doing your job.

Shopping infographies camemberts telerealite

4. You make stories where you explain how you were disrespected too much

Because you’re still not going to keep all this to yourself, it has to come out, djire the truth, oboudinmoman, it’s starting to gallop on the bean of my patience, it’s just choke in factch.

5. You fight with everyone over really bad stuff.

Like the PQ pattern.

Amelie neten eddy dispute querelle shanna
Picture credits: The Angels – NRJ 12

6. You make stories where you explain how you fell out with people for serious reasons

“And there and there and there he dji koi to me?” He has dji but in fact you’re not the queen of motchif dou you’re talking about who you think you are is it the queen of Scotland or koua? »

8. You use in everyday language super stupid expressions like “Les bebew” and “Les problèèèèèmes”

Thank you Greg Yega. Thank you Julien Tanti. In short thank you the Marseillais what.

Top illus france vs usa marseillais kardashian
Picture credits: Topito

10. You use Marseille expressions like “my spoiled” when you come from Picardy


11. You freak out when your crush talks to another woman/guy

In addition, the tricky thing is that you consider yourself to be in a relationship from the moment you clog someone, so it goes quickly in sucks with you. Your jealousy is matched only by your overconsumption of the Marseillais.

12. You know exactly what pose to take to look your best in every photo.

Overall it’s always the same pose: to be taken from behind, ultra arched, so as to present a fiac of legendary size. For the guys it’s enough just to show your abs. If you don’t have abs, it’s normal because you spend too much time watching reality TV instead of doing push-ups on the subway.

Voyage sp photos vacances

13. You invested in an American fridge with an ice cube dispenser

By dint of seeing kitchens of 92m2 you started wanting to reproduce the same thing at home by investing in a double door fridge that takes up a third of the size of your apartment. Woe to you.

14. You are seriously considering having your ass redone.

Or botox your face. Anyway, you are given enough contacts of extremely reliable plastic surgeons on the networks to know where to direct you.

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