Top 14 photos of the cast of LOL before / after, they grew up well the little pioupious

If you were shocked by the fates of the actors of Grand Galop and the actors of Desperate Housewives before and now, wait to see what will follow. The arrival of the film LOL on the Netflix platform made us want to rewatch it and frankly, the shock was present when we saw what had become of these high school students who we found too swag. What a time…

1. Lola (Christa Theret)

The actress of Lola (because in real life nobody ever called her Lol in the film) remained in the middle of the cinema. She has acted in many productions such as movies The sound of ice cubeswith Jean Dujardin and Albert Dupontel and Renoir, directed by Gilles Bourdos. Recently, we could see her in the mini-series the cord et The adventures of young Voltairereleased in 2021.

Credits photo : Netflix

2. Charlotte (Marion Chabassol)

You won’t find any current photos of the interpreter of Charlotte here because she has decided to completely withdraw from public life and the world of cinema, which we respect even if I admit that I really wanted to see 14 years later (nothing to do with the fact that I had a crush on her at the time huh, why do you say that…??). We just know that she got into digital after graduating in webmarketing. That’ll be all for the gossip.

Fireshot capture 038 netflix www. Netflix. Com
Credits photo : Netflix

3. Stephane (Lou Lesage)

The actress who played Stéphane (mixed first name, I hope you have the ref) continued her acting career a bit by playing in short films and films like My Little Princess with Isabelle Huppert and She adores him with Sandrine Kiberlain. But it is above all in music that she launched herself in particular with her group Soleil Bleu (yeah, she still doesn’t know her colors, poor thing).

Credits photo : Netflix

4. Mael (Jérémy Kapone)

Anecdote which you certainly have nothing to beat but which I will tell anyway, I met the interpreter of Maël in real life when I was in third year at a reading and writing workshop with the writer Yann Queffelec. I can tell you that I was very moved. That’s all for the anecdote, I hope you’re happy to know it. Apart from that, Jérémy Kapone got into music, first with his group Kaponz & Spinoza then solo. He also had a few roles in other films and television productions until 2015.

Credits photo : Netflix

5. Arthur (Felix Moati)

Félix Moati is surely one of those who have achieved the most success in the world of cinema after their passage in LOL (certainly thanks to his change of haircut). For example, he recently starred in The big bath by Gilles Lellouche and in The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson. He also directed his first film in 2018: Two sons with Benoit Poelvoorde and above all he brought Crista Theret back to the casting of the film Gaspard goes to the wedding. Afterwards, when you have a Télérama front page with your face in the foreground, it’s because you’ve generally managed to break through.

Credits photo : Netflix

6. De Peyrfitte (Jade-Rose Parker)

She ge-chan the insufferable high school bitch from LOL. And of course, I’m not just talking about physics but about her career which took off seriously, I’m damn impressed. She first pursued her acting career, notably by playing in the film Nicostratos the Pelican, then turned to the theater. She currently plays with Victoria Abril and Lionel Astier in funny kind (play that she wrote herself). She has also worked in writing, since she has been a screenwriter for several productions such as Scenes of households and even wrote books. Hats off to the artist.

Credits photo : Netflix

7. Medhi (Louis Sommer)

Mehdi’s interpreter also continued in music with his group Venice Club (as you can see for yourself on his Insta photo). Since 2011, he has been arranging and producing music: he notably produced the BB Brunes album Puzzle in 2017 (perhaps because he was nostalgic for the haircuts of his friends at the time) and was a composer on the film Owl by Ramzy Bedia. Pretty stylish yeah. Today he is also a web developer.

Credits photo : Netflix

8. Paul-Henri (Emile Bertherat)

I know I’m going to break your hearts by saying that because Paul-Henri was clearly one of the best characters in the film, but his interpreter gave up the cinema. Or at least to play because he studied the art and history of cinema at the Sorbonne. He also made a few side films and moved to the United States where he gave workshops to learn French and talk about Francophone cinema. I would have given a lot to attend one of his speeches.

Credits photo : Netflix

9. Provence (Adele Choubard)

Little Provence has grown well since she continued a fine career in cinema. She recently starred in the movie Everybody stand up with Frank Dubosc and Alexandra Lamy, as well as in the series Stalk from France TV and the French series Luther de TF1.

Fireshot capture 028 netflix www. Netflix. Com
Credits photo : Netflix

10. David (Warren Guetta)

While making this top, I realized that David was much too underrated and that he would have deserved a better place in this film, not for his talent as an actor but for the softness of his hair. And yeah, ok, maybe today, I wouldn’t say no to him, I admit. But don’t be too hopeful of seeing him back on screen anytime soon: he ended his career shortly after. LOLand recently co-founded the clothing brand Margaux Lonnberg.

Credits photo : Netflix

11. Julien (Pierre Niney)

Wait two seconds, I catch my breath before continuing to write. What a shock when I rewatched that movie years later and realized who the heavy weed smoker Julien was. We understand that Pierre Niney does not take on this role too much, which has certainly made his career take off. Fortunately for him, we can still notice a big glow up. It was not in vain Pierre!!!

Credits photo : Netflix

12. Louise (Thais Alessandrin)

Lola’s little sister continued her career in the cinema, which is not really surprising when you know that her mother is none other than Lisa Azuelos, the director of LOL. She has also played in three other films of her daronne, including My baby with Sandrine Kiberlain. Maybe we are a little jealous of her, indeed.

Credits photo : Netflix

13. Bonus: Figure 1

But whaaaat??? I dream where it is Kev Adams on the right who plays a scene with Sophie Marceau?? Omg the gossip! It was certainly thanks to this performance that he was scouted to star in Soda three later. Without a doubt.

Credits photo : Netflix

14. Bonus: Figure 2

Oh but ??? Wait ??? Wouldn’t the face between Stephanie and Lola be extremely familiar to us? Yes, you have the eye my little lynxes, it is indeed the rapper Lomepal, aka Antoine Valentinelli. We are almost a little disappointed that he did not pursue the path of cinema elsewhere…

Credits photo : Netflix

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