Top 14 photos of people struggling with their hair

Some people are playing with fire (literally) by making terrible mistakes with their hair dryers. Others compromise themselves in terrible beauty fails when we know that there is a big gap between our expectations in terms of hair and the reality in terms of ugliness. The people below obviously didn’t get it. A thought for her.

1. This girl’s hair straightener just caught fire

2. Every person’s nightmare with a blow-dry in the making

3. This beautiful person used a Walmart plastic bag to wrap her discoloration, the logo of the bag stuck on her head

I refer you to this subject on the coloring fails it is priceless.

5. Words just fail me

6. Courtney Cox upset about her botox-free hair history

7. This guy who did anything during confinement

8. This guy who bet everything on the location of his ears

9. This Russian politician

Her Wikipedia page clearly says “She is also known for her haircut”. Then we get the fame we deserve.

10. This guy with a mic head

Very want to sing in the nape of his neck.

11. Rest assured: the richest man in the world has shitty hair

The with.

12. This guy who deserves to play a hobbit in Lord of the Rings

13. This guy who wanted to try the bowl cut

No luck.

14. It’s not a hair mess per se, but it just doesn’t make sense.

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