Top 14 photos of obsolete objects, those that are clearly no longer useful

You don’t stop progress as they say, huh? Yes it is. Finally, let’s say that progress stops by itself. And these objects are the proof in good and due form. In the same way that we once told you about computer symbols that have become obsolete, we are now looking at broken objects from more or less a long time ago and which are no longer useful.

2. Colored erasers that erased nothing at all

4. Delirium with transparent objects

5. The MP3s that are no longer produced are so useless

6. Web cams suck

7. Speakers just for computer

8. The phone book

9. The CD binder when we don’t even listen to CDs anymore

10. This mysterious CD box

11. Scrolling Geo Maps

13. Disposable cameras

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