Top 14 People Who Ask Really Stupid Questions About Famous Movies

Hello suckers. You know sometimes we see things every day without really looking at them and then one day we say to ourselves: what the hell is this shit? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me while doing Google searches (an activity that a lot of people do on a daily basis). I noticed that for each request, God Google offers the section “Other questions asked” which allows you to see the questions most asked by Internet users on a given subject. And frankly sometimes it doesn’t fly very high. Today we decided to focus on movies, but I assure you there is a whole world to discover.

1. So how to say: yes it’s a bit like the concept of the horror film


2. Very uncomfortable when I imagine Duchess being fucked by a horny tomcat


3. This is really THE question we ask ourselves when watching this film


4. The damn disappointment


5. It’s definitely a question that bothers people


6. Suggested answer: by not looking at it


7. I ask myself this question every day.


8. And then sometimes we come across abnormally sharp things


9. MDR this is the main question people ask about the movie I’m fine don’t worry


10. Because “Your mom sucks dick in hell” sounds like a fitting answer to me.


11. Well then…


12. They finished me off… It hurts for Catherine d’Occase.


13.Mh. Did you remember to look in the title?


14. Incredible question! I’m very surprised to have stumbled upon it, but listen, if many Internet users have asked themselves in these terms…


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