Top 14 of the most dangerous tourist places, don’t go unconscious !!

We could tell you about the most dangerous places in the world, the most dangerous airports, the most dangerous hotels or even extreme trains. But as you’ve certainly never heard of it (be careful, I’m not questioning your culture, just your wallet), we prefer to tell you the story of these places where many tourists go every year while ‘they literally risk leaving their skin there. A word of advice, stay at home, you are much better off reading Topito on your sofa.

1. Yellowstone National Park in the United States

We wave to people having fun putting their limbs in geysers at 3000 ° C (at least 93 ° C, ok, we lied) in this national park, just to test. But don’t worry, it doesn’t even sting, eh… And we don’t tell you about the many accidents that have taken place between people who fall into these hot springs or who rush into them to save their loved ones. Do you remember that charming story of a person dissolved in water?

2. The cliffs of Étretat in France

And yes, even in France we have spots to be wary of, such as when we receive a phone call from Arnaud Montebourg. Very recently, at the beginning of January 2021, a 24-year-old vacationer was killed by falling from the cliffs while these friends were taking pictures of her. Another death had taken place earlier in July. The cliffs are also famous for suicide attempts: the authorities would count no less than one per month ending in the death of the person.

3. The hotels of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

Hello vacation in the tropics. In 2019, nearly six people were killed in neighboring hotels in Punta Cana. The FBI got into the case and studies were done: in the end, it was poisonings from pesticides that were suspected.

4. The Grand Canyon in the United States

In 2019 alone, two people died when they fell over the railing of the Grand Canyon Observation Point. Choosing between that and Death Valley, we don’t really know what to advise you.

5. The Great Wall of China

The wall, which stretches over 21,000 km, includes a section called Jiankou. This section, which has kept its wild side, is however not the coolest to visit in terms of chances of survival. Every year, one or two people die there falling or being struck by lightning. I’m going to stay and eat pangolin downstairs, if you don’t mind.

6. Caracas in Venezuela

If you have your fill of nature tourism, hiking and kayaking, go for urban tourism. But not in Caracas please. The capital of Venezuela is the most violent city in the world with 11 murders per day, and no less than 3,946 homicides during the year 2015. Especially since you can rely on the police to protect you and the crimes take place in broad daylight as well as in the middle of the night. Finally, Besançon is not so bad next door.

7. Belize’s Blue Hole

So yes, these waters make you want to take a dip with their bg colors. And yet, they are really not as nice as they seem because they are home to sharks, it takes a great experience as a diver to swim in them quietly or and the excess nitrogen contained in these waters leads to behavioral disturbances: euphoria, anxiety, visual disturbances, panic attacks and therefore drowning. Thanks but no thanks.

8. The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

As with the cliffs of Étretat, there have been some somewhat gloomy bails at the Cliffs of Moher, one of the most visited places in Ireland. These small cliffs would even hold the record for the number of fatal falls with their 214 meters high. On January 4, 2019, an Indian student notably died while taking a selfie at the scene.

9. The Aiguille du Midi in France

Ah it’s nice, the mountains, the good fresh air, the little hikes… It’s nice. Except when you die. And yes, deaths are not so rare at the green needle between falls into the void and avalanches. For example, a guide and two Parisian tourists lost their lives in 2014, after walking on a snow ledge that could not support their weight. Finally, overall, Mont Blanc remains one of the deadliest tourist spots in the world with its share of deaths linked to poorly prepared climbs, bad weather and avalanches.

10. Pamplona in Spain

The city of Pamplona is very famous for its feasts of Saint Firmin and its manifestation of encierro, which take place every year in July and where bulls are unleashed on the streets of the city and chase after guys dressed in white and red. Since 1910, 16 people have already died from this highly fun activity (no). If you want to die impaled on the horn of an unfriendly bull, grab your tickets right away.

11. Niagara Falls in Canada

If you ever head to Niagara Falls to visit Niagara Falls, don’t try to show everyone that you graduated as a dolphin in college swimming by jumping the falls. Few people survived after falling in Niagara Falls and even Matthew Webb, the first guy to swim across the English Channel, died trying to swim through rapids and whirlpools.

12. The Huanya Picchu in Peru

It does not seem totally stupid to say to yourself “Here, what if I climbed the mountain behind Machu Picchu to get another point of view than these big morons of tourists? “. And yet my friends, if you only knew. Huanya Picchu is an extremely dangerous mountain, reserved for experienced hikers, with almost vertical stairs, paths above crumbling void, paths full of pebbles without guardrails … In short, a beautiful vision of death, but with a little break from the Inca city. Anyway, the latter is not really safer because in 2016, a German tourist died falling from the site while having his picture taken by a friend. Morality: no photo or hike if you go there.

13. New Smyrna Beach in Florida

Want to surf? Great, but don’t even try to make it to the beach in New Smyrna, Florida. Voted “shark capital of the world”, this beach recorded nearly 250 shark attacks, a fine record. One of the most dangerous surf spots in the world after all. So unless you want to end up in a tuna sandwich, stay surfing in Biarritz, it’s great.

14. The Villarrica volcano in Chile

What often happens with volcanoes (and that’s why I don’t necessarily carry them in my heart and that they have never been invited to my aperitifs) is that they erupt when they see fit, and it doesn’t matter if there are tourists wandering around on their belly or not. In 2017, tourists visited the Villarrica volcano as it spat lava. All got away unscathed, but frankly, we came close to the disaster. So if you are offered a helicopter ride or bungee jumping in the crater of this volcano, just say no.

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