Top 14 of the best tweets on the iPhone 14, the one that costs three kidneys

Hello techs! I’m not telling you anything, the iPhone 14 has made its “little” entry into the market. And good surprise, it is sold at the affordable price of 317 €! No, of course, it’s TOTALLY FALSE, to get it, you will have to pay a minimum of nearly €1,020 and up to €2,129 for the top-of-the-range formulas. It’s expensive the phone that will end up in the toilet in a nightclub after a round of rather venerable shots. In any case, these fabulous prices have inspired the twittos. Something to make people who already saw themselves with the new kid smile through their tears.

2. Apple, we’re talking to you

5. You can get a loft, that’s for sure

9. For Abundance, Please

10. BFF

14. We make an act of presence, nothing more

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