Top 14 of the best tweets on the CDI, the favorite place for college students

Middle school is full of good times, remember: badminton tournaments with stinky overalls, races to be the first in the self-service, constant rules fights… And long times spent at the CDI reading or to complain about the slowness of the computers. It was the good old days my friends… Like leafing through books from 1990 and hearing the librarian tell us “WE WHISPER!! ” we miss a lot, we decided to remember all the good times spent between these walls thanks to tasty tweets. Because in the end, she was a beautiful person, this librarian. Thanks to her.

1. Ooh she’s good that one

3. All the time bitching about this one

4. Their best figure of the year

7. Tears in the eyes of nostalgia

8. Go back to college if it’s to do this

11. We love it just the same

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