Top 14 of the best tweets from @hexprax, to laugh in two languages

Hi little friends, it’s time for the top twittos and it’s @hexprax’s turn to have fun with his good words. On the program, we have daily galleys and existential questions; whatever you like!

1. It’s still phew Harry Potter. I never would have fought a battle to save my high school

2. Why are fantasy movie characters always shocked to see a dragon? Look around you… you are an elf. You live in a kingdom.

3. I hate beaches with pebbles instead of sand… please finish the job

4. As my grandfather always said, if something happens once, it’s interesting. If it happens twice, it’s probably a marketing campaign for a future HBO series.

5. I saw a TikTok of a girl taking a rat found on the street in New York to 6 different vets, all to be euthanized

6. Why are museums chargeable? I’m not going to take anything huh, I just want to watch. Just a look

7. When Mads Mikkelsen plays a normal guy in a movie, I’m like “yes.. of course… if you say so”

8. People who say “promoting obesity” are crazy. You just saw a picture of a fat person actually

9. The toys in Toy Story want to be played with too much, it’s necessarily a sexual thing for them

10. It’s fascinating to think that we live in a world where it would surely be easier to sell the planet Neptune to bankers than to add an extra bus on a line

11. If you work from home, your boss should pay to rent an office in your apartment.

12. It’s misogynistic to say Yoko Ono didn’t break up the Beatles. Women can achieve anything they want in this world

13. Zukerberg’s head may have been created by scientists who have never seen a human and are trying to recreate one from fossilized bones

14. My mom told me she saw a bird that reminded her of me and when I asked why she said “it was acting weird”

What more can you honestly say? Nothing.

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