Top 14 logo changes that were a failure, the total loose

Unlike brands that changed their racist logo and did very well, other brands changed their logo without thinking about the consequences and screwed up completely. Because it’s very nice to want to modernize and change your image, but if consumers don’t follow behind, well, you find yourself a bit concon. Back in pictures on these big dumplings of the rebranding.

1. Gap

In 2010, the GAP brand wanted to get a little makeover by changing its logo, although it didn’t really need it. The problem is that nothing was right in the new design which did not correspond to the typo or the colors of the old logo. This change angered customers (it doesn’t take much) and six days later GAP reverted to the old model. Fast and effective.


2. Tropicana

The juice brand did not have the idea of ​​the century by completely rebranding the packaging of its bottles and changing its logo in 2009. Because of these major changes, customers did not recognize the bottles on the shelves of supermarkets and Tropicana’s sales have plummeted. Must say that the new design was quite far from what we knew. In the end, Tropicana returned to its familiar lil orange and all’s well that ends well.


3. Mastercard

In 2015, the Mastercard teams said that it would be too much of a crazy idea to put in place a new, slightly more modern logo. The problem is that they took a little too much confidence in thinking that people knew the two colored circles too well and that they would necessarily understand. Except that wasn’t the case at all and the additions just completely confused consumers. In the end, they decided to use another new logo and kept the second one for their internal communications (proof that it’s really crap).


4. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers did miss its 2018 rebranding campaign because the brand is no longer called Weight Watchers, but no one knows. Its new name is actually Wellness that Works except that since the initials are also WW and some communications continued to use the Weight Watchers name, the rebranding fell through completely.

On the one hand, old customers were unaware of the identity change and on the other, new customers were unsure of the services offered. In short, a real disaster for a message that did not go through at all. Certainly like your last message never opened by your crush, it’s not a wind at all, don’t worry.


5. Sears

The American department store chain Sears decided to change its logo in 2019 to boost its sales. But big problemo: its small element added in the new logo next to the name strongly resembled that of Airbnb (I’m sure you noticed it, I know you, you’re too strong). Eventually Sears gave in and changed their logo a bit so that it looked more like a house than a copy of the shack rental site. Which is, it seems, a good idea.


6. British Petroleum

In 2000, after 70 years with the same logo, the oil company decided to give itself a new visual identity. Which was a pretty good idea until they decided to change their old logo completely, just keeping their color scheme.

But what is most comical is that BP has chosen the sun as its new symbol to represent green growth. Quite funny when you know that an oil company is hardly ecological and that BP is responsible for the great oil spill of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not nice to greenwash.


7. Le club de foot Leeds United

The change of logo of the football club of Leeds United in England in 2018 did not make only happy among the supporters. Many of them did not at all appreciate this initiative to change the traditional logo to add the “Leeds salute”, the gesture made in the stands by the club’s supporters in the 1980s. In a few hours, nearly 60 000 people have signed a petition asking to remove this new logo. What the club quickly did saw the carnage. Think twice if you want to change a logo adored by thousands of supporters.


8. That of the 2012 Olympics

The logo of the London 2012 Olympics caused a lot of talk at the time, especially on social networks. The organizing committee had the bad idea of ​​completely getting rid of the logo proposed at the time of the application to do something very expensive with the 2012 figures.

The problem is that if you look closely, you can still see someone practicing fellatio on another person (don’t tell me I’m in the wrong place, these are the criticisms that have been made by half the planet at the time, I had nothing to do with it). In short, not the best logo idea for an international competition.


9. That of the 2024 Olympics

Same as for the 2012 Olympics, the 2024 Olympics and in particular Paris, the organizing city, have been much criticized for their downright hideous logo. While the logo put forward during the candidacy of the city of Paris was very clean and quite bg, we now find ourselves with a completely sexualized flame in Marianne mode, which looks way too much like the Tinder logo. Call me the graphic designers, I’ll say a word to them.


10. Yahoo!

In 2013, the Yahoo search engine launched a way too cool campaign to announce its new logo. For thirty days, the brand shared logos envisaged for their new visual identity which generated a lot of very positive reactions… Until Yahoo finally unveiled the real logo chosen, which was rather ugly in addition to being quite close of the old (all that for that). I’m not telling you people’s disappointment. Since then Yahoo has changed its logo and we prefer this version a thousand times over.


11. NBC Universal

In 2011, NBC Universal made the big mistake of changing its logo from the authentic colored peacock feathers to something much more subdued. The criticisms were not long in coming: illegible logo, absence of their emblem, too simple… The company therefore quickly backtracked and since then, the logo has only been used in internal communications (ouch, it stings)


12. Hershey

After 120 years with the same logo, the Hershey chocolate brand decided in 2009 to modernize. The problem is that the cute little wrapped chocolate turned into a shapeless brown mass that looked just like a steaming poop, as people on the internet at the time pointed out. At the same time, it was a bit obvious, wasn’t it?


13. Syfy

The television channel Syfy, dedicated to science fiction and fantasy, has not always carried this name. Basically, it was called Sci-Fi (which seems quite logical when you know the areas it covers) but in 2009, the channel decided to operate a little glow-up. Which actually turned out to be a big glow-down because “Syfy” is the abbreviation for sexual diseases in Eastern European countries (and sounds like syphilis as well).

Not the idea of ​​the century when you want to avoid mockery and bad-buzz. But given that, you might as well assume and that’s why the brand continued to wear this somewhat ridiculous name even when they changed their next logo.


14. Pepsi

In 2014, Pepsi’s new logo (which still cost $1 million) drew a lot of criticism and judgment from users. In addition to not keeping the codes of their old logo and being inconsistent, the new logo did not represent at all the smiles on faces that it was supposed to symbolize (yeah we also looked). Pepsi decided to adopt this logo anyway, probably because it had already cost them too much.


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